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Blockchain Cryptoeconomics 101 - Explained By Humans Halloween Special! - 31st October

  • Wework Bishopsgate 15 Bishopsgate London, England, EC2N 3BA United Kingdom (map)
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The low down


Limited Early Node Tickets available until 22-10-18 - £45

Full Node Tickets £95

Hosted by Nodeunlock

Blockchain Cryptoeconomics 101 - Explained By Humans!

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

Following our hugely successful first round of masterclasses, Nodeunlock ( presents a fresh set of blockchain education made simple - with a halloween twist!

You've heard of cryptoeconomics, token economics and what we like to remix to "tokenomics" - but what in the world does it actually mean and how the H-E-L-L does it actually work!?

Well, you my friend are in for a treat! We have 3 hours of mind-blowing education, a cryptoeconomics masterclass like no other, designed to help you make sense of how economics, blockchain and cryptocurrencies all come together, explained simply, by fellow humans.

Acronyms, technical jargon, and generally hoarding knowledge through large walls of insider talk is something we H-A-T-E at Nodeunlock. The goal of this next session will be to arm you with the ability to cut through a lot of the shit when talking to an "informed" person in the Blockchain space by educating you on the basics and core concepts of cryptoeconomics.

In these workshops, we'll simplify everything down to a human level and we don't stand on a pedestal speaking at you, but actually embed you into the learning experience.

So what does that look like?

Well, we incorporate games, brain teasers, use case debates, rapid-fire quizzes, and plenty more, but keep this in mind before taking the leap of faith... Nodeunlock is a company that designs and delivers experiences and blockchain education just happens to be the channel that creativity has been unleashed. If we don't make you get up out of your seat at least 45 times during the masterclass, we ain't doing it right!

Learn by doing.

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Learn by doing, in plain human language. Nodeunlock helps you understand blockchain with energy, interactivity and creativity. We tailor the learning experience to your use case, business and life.

Welcome to our NU Learning Experience.

Breaking It Down

Blockchain and cryptoeconomics is complex. But we'll make it simple.

At a high-level we'll run through:

  • WTF is cryptoeconomics

  • Economics 101

  • Cryptoeconomics vs Tokenomics

  • Incentives

  • Game Theory

  • Reverse Game Theory

  • Monetary Policy

  • Plus more!

We know these terms may seem a little scary, but trust us, we'll break it down better than Missy Elliot. ;-)

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Our NU Learning Experience

We always cap the number of spots available at 25 to make sure the experience is as valuable for you as possible.

If you're up for a night to remember, grab your spot with the link above and we'll see you very soon!

Spaces are limited and fill up fast. Grab your spot now!

Before you arrive, please check out the "What You'll Need" section below.


18:15 Masterclass Start

20:30 Masterclass End

21:00 Close

Before you arrive, please check out the "What You'll Need" section below.

Here's what some of our past attendees and NU Friends have to say about our masterclass experiences:

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About Your Educators

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Elliott Callender - Founder & CEO - Nodeunlock

Elliott founded Nodeunlock (, a blockchain education experience company after becoming besotted by the potential for blockchain technology to change lives immeasurably. He has spent over a decade in the financial services world, simplifying investing with large financial institutions, consulting for Wealth Management & FinTech firms and running accelerated learning programmes in the UK and Asia-Pacific.

Elliott is now on a mission to make understanding blockchain as simple, hands-on, fun and engaging as possible by creating and delivering mind-blowing educational experiences. You can find him on LinkedIn:


Lisa Tan - Knowledge Sharer - Nodeunlock

Lisa is a deconstructor of economics, cryptoassets and cryptosystems. She comes from an economics background and sees huge potential to bridge the gap between traditional economics and the blockchain world.

Lisa now pours her passion for economics into designing, teaching and showcasing the true capabilities of solid underlying economic and incentivisation models to build scalable and sustainable blockchain networks.


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A preview of our special sauce can be found here:

Is this experience for you?

At Nodeunlock, we design experiences fit for all types of fellow humans. We enjoy accelerating your understanding and pushing your educational boundaries through our creative experiences.

Our Cryptoeconomics 101 - Explained By Humans experience has been designed for:

  • Business leaders

  • Eager Executives

  • Founders

  • Professionals hungry for more

  • and all other humans...

A little knowledge of blockchain is required to make sure you get as much as possible out of it.

If you can answer the following, then you've got the prerequisite knowledge to come along and join in:

Question: What is the definition of hashing?

See you soon!

NU Team