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We are a Creative Innovation Studio. We upgrade humans.

Just as the human brain has two sides, there are two sides to us as well.

One side loves to teach humans about emerging technology, like blockchain. The other side focuses on the future of work. Many are concerned automation is taking over much of what we cognitively do, leaving you wondering how to add value when machines and AI take over much of what we do today.

That’s where we come in, dear human.

By designing and delivering mind-blowing creative innovation strategies, content & experiences for large corporates, start-ups and professionals, we upgrade your knowledge not only of how to use technology to get ahead in tomorrow’s world, but also the fundamental creative skills such as emotional intelligence, creative thinking and presentation skills that the machines can’t do.

We develop humans of the future.

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We look for minds to be blown, interactions to have a deeper meaning and each person to accelerate their education and use their new found knowledge in both their business and personal lives.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

Nodeunlock. Creative Innovation. Made Simple.

Elliott Callender

Founder, CEO

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